Top 3 Melbourne Canopy Cleaning Companies Review

As you probably have observed, there’s a huge competition going on in the cleaning industry in Melbourne, especially when it comes to the canopy and commercial kitchen cleaning.

With lots of canopy cleaning companies to choose from in the city, which one should you really hire? In this article, we have curated our top 3 picks to help you make the decision.

So without further ado, here are the 3 best canopy cleaning companies in Melbourne:

1. Singhz Services Melbourne

There’s no chance for you to miss this company’s name out, when you do a research on a company to choose from. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Singhz Services Melbourne has widely been considered as one the most trusted and reliable cleaning companies in Melbourne.

They offer various cleaning services such as end of lease cleaning, carpet cleaning, kitchen cleaning, canopy cleaning, etc. They are famously known for their quality of service and world-class customer support. Packed with a team of professional cleaners, No doubt they made it to our first pick in the list.

Here’s our verdict of this company:

Service quality: 9/10
Customer support: 9/10
Professionalism: 8/10

Overall rating: 27/30

2. CCS Canopy Cleaning

The second on our list is rather a new but a promising canopy cleaning company in Melbourne, CCS Canopy Cleaning. Although they’ve been in the game for only 5 years, CCS has quickly grown to become one of the best in the city.

They are famously known for their unique cleaning technique, that has time and again, impressed restaurant and commercial places owners. Their cleaning team is full of young, ambitious people who work hard to strive for one common goal, i.e. to become the best canopy cleaning firm in Melbourne.

To learn more about their company and service in Melbourne, check out CCS Canopy Cleaning

Here’s our verdict of this company.

Service quality: 9/10
Customer support: 8/10
Professionalism: 8/10

Overall rating: 25/30

3. BnCleaning

The last on our list is none other than our company, and we’ve decided to list ourself here for a variety of reasons. First is our professionalism. Everyone who has hired us know how professional we are at what we do. We make sure that all the canopies are cleaned thoroughly inside out using our own unique cleaning agents.

Second is our customer service. We guarantee a 24 hour quotation, both on our website and via a phone call. On top of that, we are one of a few companies in Melbourne to offer a 100% money-back guarantee, in case our customers are not satisfied with the work.

With over 7 years of cleaning experience in the field, we know how to properly clean your canopy system. To learn more about our service, click here.

Here’s the verdict of this company, based on customers’ feedback

Service quality: 9/10
Customer support: 10/10
Professionalism: 9/10

Overall rating: 27/30


And that’s all for our review of the top 3 canopy cleaning companies in Melbourne. We hope this review will help you decide which one to choose from. To learn about each company, feel free to visit their websites.