8 Office Cleaning Tips & Tricks To Make You Work Better

office cleaning tips and tricks

For most of you reading this, the office is probably the place where you spend most of the time at. Since more time is spent there, plus it’s a fairly dusted and unorganized place, this makes it more necessary to clean the office working environment often.

But since you’re probably busy most of the time, that’s why we have curated the 8 best office cleaning tips and tricks that you can instantly implement and see the results.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the cleaning tips:

1. Create A Cleaning Checklist

Just like any other commercial cleaning work out there, the first and foremost step you need to do is to create a cleaning checklist for your office. This will helps you know what are all the cleaning work you should do and help you prioritize the office cleaning chores.

The checklist will include all the areas of your office that need cleaning, including reception, conference room, workstations, desks, kitchen, washrooms, etc. This will reduce the chances of mistakes and also save you precious time.

2. Organize And Declutter Your Area

Next up, before diving into the actual cleaning work, is to organize things in your office space and segregate them into proper places. This includes things like organize your paperwork on the desk, Keep all the files and folders back into the cupboard, declutter your floor and all other small things that can be done right away.

This will help to clear up all the micro-work and make sure that your space is cleared off all the office items before the cleaning process. Make use of the cupboards and drawers to keep everything organized and in place, for future use.

3. Clean Your Desks

Now, we’re finally into cleaning for the first area in your office and that is your desks. Desks are one of the dirtiest and un-tidy places in your office area. Since it’s the most used place as well, that’s why desk cleaning should be your number one priority in the checklist.

Since you have already organized the items on the desks, you can start the cleaning by wiping off all the dust particles that got accumulated. You can use a simple wet cloth for this along with hand gel dispensers to kill the germs. It’s as simple as that.

4. Dust Off Your Electronics

Next up in the office cleaning tips and tricks is to dust off your electronics such as the computers and keyboards. They are the most used items in your office and since dust can easily get accumulated on these items, you need to clean them often.

We recommend cleaning them at least once a week. Use a duster and a soft rag to clean your screens, PCs, laptops, and so on. Be sure to use some disinfectant when cleaning the telephones, because a lot of germs accumulate on the telephone receiver.

5. Clean The Office Floors

Floors are the next place in your office that needs to be cleaned very often as well. Just like any other place in your living space, floors can easily get dirty. When it comes to office floor cleaning, don’t forget about the carpet cleaning as well.

If your floor has linoleum or tiles, vacuum then mops it to ensure it shines daily. If your floor is old, waxing or stripping services are strongly recommended to keep your floors clean and durable. Once done with the floor surface, you can move on to cleaning the carpets. A deep steam carpet cleaning is recommended to remove all the dust and germs and make sure that your carpets are refreshed as new.

6. Empty The Trash On A Regular Basis

Office cleaning can’t be complete without emptying your trash can regularly. Tens, if not, hundreds of papers are thrown away every single day and your trash can get filled up pretty fast. We recommend emptying it every day after you finish off with your daily work.

Make it a habit and don’t let the garbage piled up which will eventually overflow the trash. All it takes is just a two-minute work to go out and empty it.

7. Make Sure The Kitchen Is Spotless

This office cleaning tip is useful to you if you have a kitchen in your office as well. Kitchen cleaning is probably one of the most tedious tasks to do and if you’re struggling to do it, you can hire a reputable kitchen cleaning company to get the work done.

Some of the things you can easily do are properly store all your food in clean recipients and cabinets, clean the oven plate, wash your dishes, and tidy up your eating table.

8. Upgrade Your Workspace

Last but not least, is to upgrade your office workspace and fill the space up with what inspires and motivates you.

This includes things like adding some wall decorations, planting more plants around the working space, paint a wall with bright color. It could also be something as simple as changing your coffee mug or perhaps adding more current photographs of your family that make you smile.

This final step is non-essential, on the surface. But, attending to these details will help you to enjoy yourself and your workday a little more. And that has real value.


And that’s all for the office cleaning tips and tricks that you can easily follow and implement. The tips highlighted above are applicable to each and every one of you out there.

Don’t forget that the office is the place where you spend most of your time at and if you don’t maintain it, this can drastically reduce your work productivity and can have a negative impact on your health (due to dust and germs). So get off your chair and start cleaning now.

If you really don’t have time for all this, you can always hire an office cleaning or commercial cleaning company to do the works for you 🙂