10 Cleaning Tips For College Students [Easy To Follow]

cleaning tips for college students

Cleaning chores can be something that many college students struggle to do on a regular basis. The reason makes sense because by being a student, you have to juggle around multiple things, which leave you no time to clean your dorm room and surrounding areas.

So, if you’re a college student, all you need is an easy-to-follow cleaning tips to get your work done in no time, and hence, you’ve come to the right place.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Here Are The Cleaning Tips For College Students

1. Tidy Your Bed Daily

The first and foremost thing that you as a college student needs to clean in mind is your comfy bed. Being a student, you need to get up early for your classes and I know what you’re thinking – “I never get up early, I get up 20 minutes prior to the class”. We completely understand that!

But you have to make your bed. Make it a habit. It’s the easiest thing to clean in your dorm room. Start your day off right by accomplishing a task as soon as you wake up. It will make you feel good and motivate you to complete more throughout the day.

Straightened up your pillows and fold your blanket. Pull your bed sheet and quickly wipe the dust off your mattress. All this hardly takes less than 5 minutes. Just wake up a little early and do it!

2. Use Laundry Hamper And Wash Your Clothes

Stop leaving your clothes all over the floor and bed! We know you are too lazy to do that but come on, your clothes deserve a better place to be, i.e. a laundry hamper. It’s cheap to buy and it hardly takes you no time to throw all your pants, underwear, shirts, etc. into it.

Once your laundry basket is filled, you can just bring it to the laundry service to wash your clothes. And guess what, doing laundry as a college student just suddenly becomes easier.

3. Mop And Sweep Your Dorm Room

So you’ve cleaned up all the mess on the floor by collecting your clothes. Next is to clean dorm room floor. Start off by sweeping all the dirt and dust off your floor. Don’t forget to wear your mask if you’re allergic to dust.

Once all the dust is cleaned, you can then mop the floor with cleaning chemical and water. You can also ask your friend for a help. Sure he or she will be ready to keep the floor shine.

However, if you happen to be in Australia, you can check out our cleaning service in case you want to be hassle free 😉

4. Organize Study Table

Next up in the cleaning tips for college students is to organize and tidy up your study table. Even if you don’t use it, you can always keep your desk space cleaned. This helps make everything look tidier and cleaner.

Throw all the unnecessary paper away into the trash. Stack up all your textbooks and group up all the study accessories together. Make them easily accessible.

5. Empty Your Trash

So you’ve followed the above 4 steps so far. By now, your dormitory trash should be almost filled by now. Don’t wait till it overflow. Take your time off and make a habit to take your trash out every once in a while.

Left over food or containers can stink up a room quickly and you don’t want that sitting in your living space for extended periods of time.

6. Wash Dishes And Clean Your Plates

This particular cleaning tip for college student is one of the most important ones to do. Why? Well, if you just eat and clean and wash your plates and dishes, over time, this can become a breeding area for germs, insects and all kinds of diseases.

It’s all about taking care of your dorm room hygiene, especially if you use the containers frequently. Simply any general dish washing soap and you’ll be good to go.

7. Clean Your Bathroom

Bathroom is another place where you need to keep in mind. This again, if left uncleaned on a regular basis, all the moisture can favor the germs to grow.

Our recommendation is to at least clean your bathroom once a week. You don’t have to do it regularly. If you’re on a tight budget, you can simply use vinegar and baking soda to clean your bathroom floor. Just simple as that!

8. Keep A Variety Of Air Fresheners Hidden

It’s understandable that a college dorm won’t get a lot of air, especially if their occupants are spending most of the day running from the classroom to the part-time job to a social event and elsewhere.

This, obviously, means that the air can get a little stale once in a while. As a remedy for that, they should hide a couple of air fresheners around each room to keep the whole place smelling nice all day long.

A few good places are behind bookcases, inside cabinets, under couches, and just sitting on the counter.

9. Make It A Schedule

Besides scheduling your day or week for your classes and college activities, don’t for get to make it a schedule to clean your dorm room as well.

Make it in a timetable format and make sure you follow the schedule accordingly. After sometime, you will notice that things just get much easier as you make it a habit to clean your dormitory areas.

For instance, making your bed should be done every day. Organizing your table can be done twice or thrice a week and cleaning the bathroom can be done at least once in week.

10. Get Help From Your Roommate

The last cleaning tip we have for you is to simply ask your roommate for some help. After all, the room is not entirely yours right? (unless you opt for a single room, which is very rare).

Your college roommate can be a great helping hand and can speed up your cleaning process. Together, it just makes cleaning your room much easier and effective.

Assign your friend some works and make sure they follow them accordingly.


And that’s all for the 10 easy-to-follow cleaning tips for college students which you and your roommate can easily do to make your dormitory areas cleaner.

Remember, the hygiene is in your hand. If you don’t take care of your place, who will right? And if your place isn’t clean, this can lead to both disease and a negative environment.

So start listing down your cleaning to-do list and get your college living space cleaned.